Sustainability-led innovation


The WWF reports regularly on the challenges to sustainability and their data suggests that we are consuming resources equivalent to more than One Planet….

This is a link to a major report by the Network for Business Sustainability on sustainability-led innovation

This is a link to a case study of Philips and its journey towards sustainability-led innovation



In this video Mike Pitts of Innovate UK discusses some of the innovation threats and opportunities around sustainability

In this talk Ray Anderson sets out his ideas about building a successful business driven by sustainable innovation


Reflect using these activities:


(a) Choose an organization and explore the sustainability challenges which it faces.

  • What will they be forced to think about as a result of growing regulation?
  • Where might there be opportunities to cut costs or grow the business?
  • What might their strategy look like for sustainability-led innovation?
  • What challenges might implementing it pose?



(b) Choose an organization to focus on and then, using the 4Ps framework, explore and identify opportunities for sustainability-led innovation.

Prepare a short presentation highlighting the key ‘do better’ (incremental innovation) and ‘do different’ (radical innovation) options. What might the challenges be in implementing such a strategy?



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