Resources to help with Innovation Management Project

The basis of the project is working with a ‘live’ organization to help them explore the question ‘how well do we manage innovation?’ The focus may be on the overall approach or on one particular aspect – for example how well do we manage the search challenge?

Below are some resources which might help in working on this project:

Chapter 15 of ‘Strategic innovation management’ which looks at the overall challenge of learning to manage innovation

There are several examples on the Portal of companies viewed through the lens of the innovation audit model:

And there are several ‘audit’ frameworks which provide reflection questions to focus on particular aspects:


How well do we manage innovation?

Innovation fitness test
How well do we manage service innovation? Service innovation (SPOTS) framework
Do we engage our employees fully in innovation? High involvement innovation audit
How well do we manage discontinuous innovation? Discontinuous innovation audit
Can we make the most of external knowledge for innovation? Absorptive capacity review

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