Open innovation


Chapter 17 Strategic innovation management

Executive briefing on ‘Open collective innovation’

Watch these videos:

John Bessant talking about the challenge of ‘Managing knowledge spaghetti’

David Simoes-Brown of 100% Open talking about opportunities in open innovation

Listen to:

Roy Sandbach of Procter and Gamble talking about their ‘Connect and develop’ programme

The company website has more information and a wide range of examples

Reflect using these activities:

(a) Read in chapter 17 about models of open innovation:

  • Orchestra
  • Creative bazaar
  • Jam Central
  • Mod station
  • Infusion

Carry out research to find examples of open innovation practices and try to classify against the models

(b) Research to prepare a short presentation which discusses (with examples) the strengths and weaknesses of taking a more open approach. For example, open innovation spreads the net more widely to find ideas – but it also raises big problems around intellectual property protection.

Present the results in the form of a table contrasting the two.


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