My academic articles and book chapters

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Scheiner, C., Baccarella, C., Feller, N., Voigt, K., & Bessant, J. (2016 forthcoming). Organizational and individual unlearning in the identification and evaluation of technologies. International Journal of Innovation Management, .

El-Alla, N., Bessant, J., & Pinkwart, A. (2016 forthcoming). Revisiting the Honorable Merchant: The Reshaped Role of Trust in Open Innovation. Thunderbird International Business Review.

Readman, J., Twigg, D., Neely, A., & Bessant, J. (2016 forthcoming). Positioning UK research and technology organizations as outward-facing technology-bases. R & D Management.

Bessant, J., Trifilova, A., & Rush, H. (2016 forthcoming). Crisis-driven innovation; The case of humanitarian innovation. International Journal of Innovation Management19, (6)


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Trifilova, A., J. Bessant, et al. (2013). “Sustainability-driven innovation and the Climate Savers’ programme: experience of international companies in China.” Corporate Governance 13(5): 599-612.


John Bessant, Allen Alexander, George Tsekouras, Howard Rush, Richard Lamming, ‘Developing innovation capability through learning networks’ Journal of Economic Geography, 12, (5), 1087-1112

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