What is innovation capability and how can we help develop it?

Innovation is a process which can be managed. Whether we are talking about individual skills or organizational structures, there is plenty of research to show that it needn’t be a matter of luck – we can learn the capabilities to make innovation happen. Smart, successful entrepreneurs and innovative organizations understand this and develop their own ‘signature’ ways of managing the process.

My research here is around understanding what has to be developed and how to enable its development across a wide spectrum of different application areas – individual entrepreneurs, small/medium sized enterprises (SMEs), large established corporations, public and private sector players, not-for-profit organizations and beyond.

What’s happening at the innovation frontier?

Learning to manage innovation is one thing – but we shouldn’t forget that we are dealing with a moving target. The essence of seeing innovation management as a ‘dynamic capability’ is that we constantly have to review the way we approach it – taking into account a changing world, what do we need to do more of, less of and differently?

Today’s innovation challenge is the same as it always was – turning ideas into social and/or commercial value. But the context in which it is taking place – global, internet-enabled, networked across billions of people – is radically different to that of even a decade ago. So what are the emerging dimensions of the new innovation frontier – and how can we develop new or modified innovation management capabilities to deal with it?

Examples of current and recent projects

Some examples of current and recent projects which cover these themes include:


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