Innovation teaching and coaching

One of my main interests is in finding effective ways of helping others learn innovation management skills. There are a number of routes towards this:


Innovation coaching

Working one-to-one or with small groups to try and facilitate their development as entrepreneurs and change agents

Taught programmes

Over the years I have developed courses and taught on a variety of under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in the UK and at many international universities and colleges. I’m currently doing so at the University of Exeter but my previous posts include Imperial College, Cranfield University, Sussex University and Brighton University; I’m also a Visiting Professor in Germany, Ireland, and Australia.

Designing and delivering these courses has been a wonderful laboratory for creating two well-established textbooks, both written with my friend and colleague Professor Joe Tidd and published by John Wiley. These are ‘Innovation and entrepreneurship’ (3rd edition 2015) and ‘Managing innovation; integrating technological, market and organizational change’ (now in its 5th edition, 2013). We also have a new book, ‘Strategic innovation management’ (2014) which is aimed at undergraduates and those for whom English is not a first language.

A key feature of all of the  books is a template for developing and delivering a course – complete with case illustrations, participative exercises and assignment questions – which might be a helpful resource for new lecturers.

Short courses

I’ve also been extensively involved in design and delivery of a variety of customized short-courses as well as contributing to established programmes for public and private sector organizations. Examples include the Irish Management Institute, Confederation of Danish Industries, Scandinavian International Management Institute, COTEC (Spain), UK National School of Government, Rolls Royce, Novo Nordisk, Toyota.


In similar fashion I develop and deliver a variety of workshops on key innovation management themes. Examples of clients include Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, Grundfos, Bang and Olufsen, HP, UK National Health Service, Lego.

Distance learning

I’m also increasingly interested in developing packages for supporting distance learning around innovation management. And I’ve been experimenting with ‘flipped resources’ designed to put student-centred activities at the heart of my teaching/coaching.  Click here for more on this

Teaching and coaching in innovative fashion

Click here for more details on a major European project exploring this theme.



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