Research helps us understand the importance of innovation capability and what elements of it are needed to cope with a constantly changing environment. But there’s also a big question about how to develop it – what practical steps can we take to build and sustain innovation capability?

Whether it is an individual entrepreneur or an organization looking for insights into how it can manage the innovation process more effectively, there is scope for a learning and coaching perspective. This is not about ‘expert’ consulting where there is a particular ‘right’ answer to be implemented, but instead it is about structured and challenging reflection on what is currently happening linked to insights drawn from research and practice about how and where things might be improved or taken in new directions.

Working alone and with colleagues we have developed a range of interventions which can help individuals and organizations think about, review, reflect and develop strategic innovation plans.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Exploring alternative models for enabling public sector innovation in the UK
  • Developing radical innovation capability wihtin a large multinational engineering company
  • Strategic review of a Danish public sector innovation agency
  • Enabling high involvement innovation in a large multi-national food company
  • Development of R&D/innovation management skills for large Spanish companies
  • Creating a toolkit for public sector innovation in the UK
  • Innovation coaching and support for Irish companies
  • Exploring innovation options for a UK charity

Consulting clients include Toyota, UPM, Hella, Novo-Nordisk, Lego, Morgan Stanley, Coloplast, Danfoss, GSK, Grundfos, Hewlett-Packard, Kumba Resources.


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