Innovation isn’t like the cartoons, a light bulb flash of inspiration and the answer magically appears! Instead we’ve learned that it is a process, a series of linked activities which help create value from ideas. The journey might be tricky, full of unexpected twists and turns but the good news is that we do have some resources to help us make it. We’ve learned a lot from research and experience the typical characteristics and we can draw upon a wide range of tools – aids to thinking about and managing the process.

As part of our work as teachers/coaches in innovation we’ve tried to put together a sort of ‘hitch-hiker’s guide to innovation’ – you can find this at:

It’s a rich resource with over a hundred case studies (so far), various media resources (video and audio), innovation tools to help work with common challenges and a set of activities to help think about and develop skills in the area.

We thought it would be useful to highlight some of the resources in the Portal and also to flag when we add something new which we hope will be of value. So over the coming months we will be sending out an ‘innovation pulse’ , with each message containing a link to a particular tool, case or resource. We hope you find this feature useful – and we’d welcome feedback and suggestions for further innovation of the idea!

Click on the links below for TCI-Pulse posts with tools and resources around:

Accelerating diffusion of innovation