Revisiting the ‘not invented here’ effect

A closer look at one of the paradoxes in managing innovation….


Crowdsourcing to help deal with humanitarian crises….

When disaster strikes we need all the creativity we can get to find new ways of innovating out of the crisis.  one area where there is a lot going in is in the humanitarian sector, as these examples show….

Long-term innovation…..

Some lessons from the ‘hundred club’, organizations which have survived and grown through innovation for over a century


Sweating the small stuff…

…. the importance of incremental innovation


Flirting with ideas ….

The power of user led inspiration…..


Our new book on creativity…..

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Working at the innovation frontier

Innovation matters – but so too does the way in which we approach organizing and managing it.  For some kinds of innovation we can use structured and repeatable processes – but for others we need to work in much more flexible fashion…..