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Welcome to my homepage on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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What interests me is how individuals and organizations come up with ideas and take them forward to create value. I’ve spent my research and teaching career exploring, writing about and developing ways to help with this challenge. In the spirit of ‘open innovation’ I thought it would be useful to share what I’m doing – and invite you to add your own experiences and perspectives.

On the following pages you’ll find various resources which you might find useful – feel free to browse and take whatever is helpful

In particular:

  • if you’re a student, you might find the resources , library and tools sections helpful
  • if you’re a researcher, you might want to compare notes in the research section, or to use materials in the library
  • if you’re a lecturer, you might find some of the resources  and tools section of value
  • if you’re an innovation practitioner, you might be interested in some of the reports in the library and in tools and  various resources to help make innovation happen
  • …and if you’d like to stay linked in to a wider community of interest then please subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter.

….or you can always contact me.

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